How To Prepare for Real Estate Photos

1. Tidy Up - everyone assumes that a clean house is the most important thing to do in a house, however a little dirt, small stains etc. will barely be noticeable on the MLS. You know what is noticable though? Counters full of mail, living rooms with disheveled blankets and pillow, and dining rooms where boxes line the walls!

2. Open the Space - even the largest rooms can appear small in photos. Having large pieces of furniture right inside a doorway or entryway can make a giant room look much more tiny. Easy tips to help aid this would be to keep furniture in line or close to the walls (yes you can leave your coffee tables out where they are!)

3. Clear the driveway - Photos look much more clean when there are no cars in the driveway for exteriors. They also make houses often times look smaller than they are

4. Lightbulbs- Probably one of the most important things you can do to REALLY make your home stand out. Switch out your lightbulbs to Daylight colored bulbs. These will match the color of the incoming daylight and make your home look incredible in the photos. Daylight balanced bulbs will say on the package 5000K (which is the temperature color). It is also important to make sure lightbulbs work, and that they all match the same color temperature. 


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